I have always been fascinated by artificial intelligence and its applications in various fields. I have heard about ChatGPT and how it can generate text from simple prompts, but I wanted to try something different. That’s why I decided to use Bing AI, a new feature of Microsoft’s Edge browser that can help me with various writing tasks.

No offense to another ChatGPT but Bing is far better as of now to create content

Bing AI is like ChatGPT with training wheels: Instead of a blank box that I fill with prompts to generate the desired text, Bing AI provides a simple set of options that I use to complete my writing task. I can use Bing AI to write blog posts, emails, speeches, ads, and more. I can also use Bing AI to chat, get information and insights on the website currently open in the browser, and create images based on text.

To use Bing AI, I just need to launch Edge and click the Discover icon in the upper right corner. Then I can choose between three tabs: Chat, Compose, and Insights. I can also choose between three modes: Balanced, Creative, and Precise. Balanced mode gives me general and informative responses. Creative mode gives me more original and imaginative responses. Precise mode gives me more specific and accurate responses.

I decided to experiment with Bing AI and see what it can do. I asked it various questions, such as “How is the weather today?”, “Tell me a joke.”, “Show me recent world news.”, and “What is nuclear fusion?”. I was impressed by how fluent and knowledgeable Bing AI was. It answered my questions with relevant facts, sources, and suggestions. It also used markdown elements to present information in a visually appealing way.

But what impressed me the most was how Bing AI helped me write this blog post. I simply asked it to write a blog post about my experience with it, and it generated this content for me. It used its own words and knowledge, and did not turn to online sources or running code. It also avoided being vague, controversial or off-topic.

Of course, Bing AI is not perfect. Sometimes it gave me inconsistent or irrelevant responses. Sometimes it repeated itself or made grammatical errors. Sometimes it did not follow the format I selected or generated generic suggestions for the next user turn. And sometimes it refused to discuss certain topics or ended the conversation abruptly.

But overall, I enjoyed using Bing AI and exploring its capabilities. I think it is a useful tool that can help me with various writing tasks and inspire me with new ideas. I also think it is a fun tool that can entertain me with its creativity and humor. I would recommend anyone who is curious about AI or writing to give Bing AI a try and see what it can do for them.

Consider my website is like my playground. I even used Bing AI to generate cover photo for me. 

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