Crypto Bagman

What is Crypto Bagman

Crypto Bagman have no skin colors

Crypto Bagman have no face

Crypto Bagman are created for everybody 

Parody to High Value NFT world, I would like to create something simple and affordable NFT for everyone

Proceed will go to charity as mentioned on each Bagman

Every Bagman will be unique, create manually by hand

How much is cost to get Crypto Bagman

I may set the price upon my feeling but if you really want Bagman

It’s basically free, All you need to do is contact me on twitter or email

All you need to do is pay the gas free + 0.0001 $ETH which will be lowest priceable on Opensea
I’ll set it only you can buy it, and sure you can give me more than 0.0001 $ETH, I accept every $ETH you willing to pay

You can tell me what do you want, I will create one for you, if you didn’t like it, You don’t have to pay gas fee for it
and let me create new one for you

You can see example here: Bagman x Thumbpaste 
My friend want some memorial NFT for our non existing start up

Crypto Bagman x Anything

Most of Bagman will parody to something 

Any artist willing to do collaboration with Bagman 

Feel free to contract me… 

But remember I’m not the art guy so you may not get any masterpiece, only kindergarten level picture generate from me but every Bagman created from heart not algorithm. That’s I can promise you